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On or about May 5, 2020, Burlington Public Schools submitted a Statement of Interest to the MSBA for the Fox Hill Elementary School. The MSBA is an independent public authority that administers and funds a program for grants to eligible cities, towns, and regional school districts for school construction and renovation projects. The MSBA’s grant program is discretionary, and no city, town, or regional school district has any entitlement to any funds from the MSBA. At the April 27, 2022 Board of Directors meeting, the MSBA voted to issue an invitation to Burlington Public Schools to conduct a feasibility study for this Statement of Interest to identify and study possible solutions and, through a collaborative process with the MSBA, reach a mutually-agreed upon solution. The MSBA has not approved a Project and the results of this feasibility study may or may not result in an approved Project. 
Burlington Public Schools currently has four, K-5 elementary schools distributed throughout the community. With the assistance of the MSBA, the Town of Burlington replaced one of these elementary schools in 2011. The new school was double the square footage of the school it replaced. As a result, the school system re-drew all of the attendance zones across Town. The Fox Hill Elementary School enrollment was initially reduced as a part of this process. The redistricting provided the Fox Hill Elementary School with some enrollment relief. Ten years later, the Fox Hill Elementary School enrollment surpassed the number when the larger elementary school was constructed and redistricting occurred. Burlington’s three additional elementary schools do not have enough capacity to support redistricting. The Fox Hill Elementary School has a current enrollment of approximately 480 students in kindergarten through grade 5 (K-5). The Fox Hill Elementary School design does not allow for easy expansion. As a result of a collaborative analysis with the MSBA of enrollment projections and space capacity needs for the Fox Hill Elementary School, the Town of Burlington acknowledged and agreed that the design of alternatives, which may be evaluated as a part of the feasibility study for the Fox Hill Elementary School, shall be based in accordance with the following:   

  • Enrollment for Grades K-5, at Fox Hill ES: 325 students  

  • Enrollment for Grades K-5, at a Consolidated Fox Hill and Pine Glen ES: 640 students 

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