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Fox Hill Elementary School's snowflake design came out of the 1960s. The trapezoidal rooms and largely inoperable movable walls originally designed for an open classroom concept allow no room for redesign or expansion. Every available space has been utilized. Starting 14 years ago, the District had to install modular classrooms, which are currently in need of significant repair and/or replacement. These four classrooms have been maintained, but past their useful life. Offices have been constructed in what used to be hallways, student interventions and services are being provided in inadequate spaces. Art and music will need to be moved to carts because their rooms are needed as classrooms and teachers have been asked to move classrooms every year due to the logistics of class size and increased enrollment. The school also does not have functioning air conditioning.

Inadequate space for student services has led to multiple small groups of students being serviced in one space, which inhibits specialized instruction and pushes the limits on grouping regulations. The space for occupational therapy is small, which limits the activities that can be utilized for services. Conference room space is needed for IEP meetings and 504 meetings as well as data team meetings and other parent meetings; space is limited for these meetings currently. The District has had to reconfigure and divide classrooms into two. These actions have resulted in a patchwork of classroom sizes that require changing the classroom assignments to account for the size of the classroom. Specifically, last year a fourth-grade class section needed to be limited because of the size of the classroom. This adjustment resulted in a larger fourth grade classroom. Parents and the teacher in the larger classroom perceived the arrangement as inequitable. 

The foundation of Burlington's educational program is built on the collaboration of the professionals in the building. The snowflake design and limited space erodes collaboration. Grade level teams are divided. There are no appropriate, large gathering spots for student performances or exhibitions. Offices have been built in hallways to accommodate the need for privacy and special services, like counseling and English Language Learner support.

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